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PMP Industries S.p.A. is the holding company of an international group including 7 entities, 3 business divisions and about 1.000 employees worldwide. Through its four divisions, PMP Industries is capable of serving a wide range of businesses globally: from the Construction Equipment to the Steel industry, from AG & Forestry to Mining equipment manufacturers. PMP Industries S.p.A headquarters are located in Italy where the company was first established in 1991; today PMP�s four manufacturing locations supply mechanical transmissions, hydraulic transmissions, heavy metal fabrications and dedusting systems worldwide. PMP Industries S.p.A is committed to achieving and supplying sustainability through innovation and efficiency. R&D activity is focused on increasing the efficiency and the durability of PMP products; in addition PMP is further expanding its product range for electric industrial vehicles, offering solutions that allow using innovative integrated electric systems on equipment where internal combustion was previously the only option. Sustainability is also pursued through continuous investments in our manufacturing processes, to optimize productivity and quality while reducing waste.

EPC Project Management 2021

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