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PLZ Aeroscience Corporation

PLZ Aeroscience is the North American leader in specialty aerosol product manufacturing specializing in the development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of a comprehensive line of contract fill, branded and private-label products. We formulate, blend, fill and package more than 2,500 branded and private-label products including cleaners and polishers, industrial solvents, lubricants and degreasers, adhesives, sanitary supply disinfectants, insecticides, air fresheners and personal care products for home and industrial use. PLZ Aeroscience is committed to partnering with our customers to deliver safe, innovative, compliant and competitive products and solutions. In this pursuit, PLZ is committed to hiring the best talent to ensure positive customer experiences. Headquartered in the U.S.A. in Downers Grove, Illinois with over 2,000 employees throughout the U.S. and Canada, PLZ is committed to investing in people, culture, structures and processes.

EPC Project Management 2021

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