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Phelan Energy Group

Phelan Energy Group (PEG) is an integrated independent solar power producer, delivering affordable, rapidly deployable and sustainable clean energy worldwide. We are a dynamic company established in 2005, with a world-class professional team of over 100 experienced specialists, dedicated to leading and delivering the amazing opportunity, that is Solar energy. PEG is a world leading private solar IPP and innovator in PV solar energy and battery storage, specializing in the low cost, high quality solutions. Operating in over 15 international markets where we identify solar development locations, secure the required permits and approvals, enter into long term Power Purchase or Merchant Agreements, then build, own and operate these solar developments. To date, PEG has installed, and grid connected 260 MW comprising the revenue and cash generating assets of the business. There are a further 120 MW under construction and a global development pipeline exceeding 1 GW. PEG currently has solar plants grid connected in South Africa, where our 175 MW is largest in Africa; India, where our 70 MW Rajasthan installation set a record low price in India; and a further 15 MW installation in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan development was recently opened and inaugurated by HE President Ashraf Ghani. PEG retains ownership of these solar investments and to date has not sold any of the developments. PEG is continuously expanding our market development reach to new countries and have offices in Cape Town, New Delhi, Sydney, Kabul, Toronto. PEG recently moved its headquarters to Dublin and opened offices in Madrid and Hamburg to spearhead the new emphasis on the Merchant market in Europe.

EPC Project Management 2021

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