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Ogin, Inc.

Ogin, Inc. (fka FloDesign Wind Turbine), headquartered in Waltham, MA, is a venture-backed developer of high efficiency shrouded wind turbine technology. This innovative design represents a novel application of well-proven aerodynamic technology known as a mixer/ejector that has been used in military and commercial aircraft since the 1970s to improve jet engine performance. Ogin�s mid-scale shrouded wind turbine will (1) significantly reduce the cost of energy of wind, (2) enable new distributed markets with lower wind speeds for wind power generation closer to load, and (3) increase the utilization per acre of land while reducing environmental impact. The Department of Energy has found that Ogin�s technology offers exceptional promise and has provided funding to the company through the Advanced Research Projects Agency � Energy (ARPA-E) program. Ogin has raised over $130 million in funding from leading venture capital providers and strategic partners. Ogin has offices in Massachusetts, California, China, the Netherlands and Denmark.

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