npower Business Solutions

As our name suggests, npower Business Solutions is a leading provider of energy solutions for UK business. We serve around 22,000 industrial and commercial customers, with more than 100,000 sites. These range from medium-size businesses to some of the largest UK companies. Energy is a vital commodity and we are dedicated to helping businesses buy and use it more efficiently. In addition to supporting customers with energy purchasing and risk management via our award-winning Optimisation Desk, we offer a full range of energy management solutions to help optimise the way your business consumes energy. Our latest innovation is Energy HQ, which is a dynamic concept that brings together expertise, tools and technologies in all the key areas of effective energy management � from consuming transparently to maximising efficiencies, reducing costs via active demand management to implementing behavioural change. Our aim is to help equip your business with a bespoke holistic and fully-integrated strategy that covers your energy and risk management requirements end-to-end.