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modern factory for petrolium tank manfucture

The factory has the best developed techniques for the manufacture and maintenance of the tanks of petroleum products and the factory has the latest test methods of high-level note that all products holds an accreditation to the Arab Organization for Industrialization, and General Directorate of Traffic, which facilitates the licensing motor vehicles and trailers one of the major products of the factory for the use of storage tank capacity 15000 liter tell the maximum capacity and small cars which capacity of 2000 liters begin until the maximum load is borne by the axle tanks and large vehicles, trailers and semi trailers. the factory products are used widely in the various sectors including the oil sector in all its branches. More than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of oil tanks in all its forms and models parents and public sector and private enterprises The hope of the factory sincerely hope that with concerted efforts to build customer-citizens or foreigners, including a better tomorrow on the basis of equality and mutual benefit and sincere treatment and Secretary. We warmly welcome the visit of foreign citizens and friends of the factory since 1976

EPC Project Management 2021

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