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Mennta Energy Solutions

Mennta Energy Solutions, formerly The Oxford Princeton Programme, addresses the knowledge gaps of energy professionals throughout the world with innovative and proven training techniques - instructor-led and online. The effectiveness of our training can be measured by the over 100,000 energy professionals who have relied on us to garner and refine the skills necessary to compete in this dynamic industry! As our product line has developed over the years so has our brand. After nearly two-decades as The Oxford Princeton Programme, we rebranded to Mennta Energy Solutions in 2017 to best represent our diverse and growing product line. Prior to that, our roots date back to 1982 with The College of Petroleum and Energy Studies (Oxford, UK) and to 1991 with the Princeton Energy Programme (Princeton, New Jersey, USA). While much has changed over the decades, our commitment to remaining an unbiased and accredited training solution provider has not budged. We are the only energy training provider to be simultaneously accredited by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), British Accreditation Counsel (BAC), National Association of State Boards Accountancy (NASBA) and The CPD Certification Service (CPD).

EPC Project Management 2021

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