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Maersk H2S Safety Services

GLOBAL PROVIDER OF H2S CONTINGENCY SERVICES When dealing with safety no compromises can be made. H2S, or Hydrogen Sulphide, constitutes a serious danger to human lives, and where the protection of human lives is involved, no compromise is allowed. Maersk H2S Safety Services is a qualified and competent provider of proper precautions and preventive measures when it comes to the danger of H2S. We pride ourselves on facilitating the oil and gas business across the world. Since our start-up in 1985, Maersk H2S Safety Services has become one of the world�s leading H2S contingency service providers. Headquartered in Esbjerg, Denmark, with offices, workshop, warehouse, and storage facilities, we run operational bases in Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Italy and Norway. Our global presence ensures a short mobilisation time which is vital in the oil and gas industry. First-class service ? First-class equipment ? First-class personnel Maersk H2S Safety Services A/S is a subsidiary of Maersk Training.

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