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Kintech Engineering

At Kintech Engineering we manufacture segment leading data acquisition systems for wind & solar resource assessment. Our systems are used globally by industry professionals to acquire high quality data for optimal project development. Because the quality of data is dependent upon both the reliability of the data logger and its ease of use, both must remain key design features. We understand this as well as the fact that these days, all data retrieval from wind & solar resource studies is automated with data being transferred over the GSM network or via satellite. So we�ve designed our data loggers to not only be rugged and purpose-built with powerful default features such as GPS synchronization, live real-time data, data encryption, password protection, and multiple data delivery options � but we�ve also made them to be the easiest to setup and use on the market. We�ve built a worldwide reputation for state-of-the-art data acquisition systems by having helped to develop renewable energy projects across the globe and providing daily technical support to industry leading wind power developers. With the help of our partners and global network of installers we can assist you with complete measurement systems. Everything from data loggers, remote communication and sensors all the way down to installation of the lattice mast, operation and maintenance.

EPC Project Management 2021

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