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Key Organics

Key Organics is a leading UK-based chemistry CRO providing a range of discovery, research and development services to the international life sciences industries. With over 31 years� experience, we can offer customers hit-to-lead optimisation and late stage development services. We offer our Services expertise on a custom or FTE basis. As the exclusive owners of BIONET, we can back-integrated to a proprietary collection of over 145,000 intermediates, fragments, biochemicals and building blocks. All are available ex stock and in >95% purity with same day dispatch. We offer a �no-quibble guarantee�. With 30 staff, we are part of the Tennants Group of Companies with ca 1,000 employees and a turnover of over $600 M. In July 2014 we will have a Boston-based office and compound handling unit that will supply our US customers with BIONET products directly with same day dispatch. Please visit our website at: Our USP�s cover: �Heterocyclic chemistry �Asymmetric synthesis � Radiolabelled API�s and discovery compounds �Organoboron and Organosilicon compounds �Integrated analytical services for process-related impurity profiling �Pharmaceutical, biotechnolology, agrochemical and material science focus All of which can be offered on an FTE or custom basis. Our Mission Objectives are to further promote our Services and BIONET products to the US market and further expand our brand. During 2013 we grew turnover by 28% and seek to continue our growth through expanding our sales and marketing activities in North America

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