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Kaneka North America

Kaneka Corporation of Osaka, Japan is a $5 billion* producer of chemical products including resins, pharmaceutical intermediaries, food supplements, synthetic fibers, and fine chemicals. Kaneka North America comprises Kaneka Texas Corporation and Kaneka Nutrients L.P., which are located in Pasadena, TX. Kaneka Corporation was established in 1949 when its main products were caustic soda, soap, cosmetics, edible oils and electric wires. Later, the company diversified into polymers, fermentation, biotechnology and electronics, and other fields. Business activities now span a broad range of markets: synthetic resins, resin products, chemicals, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electrical raw materials and synthetic fibers. Kaneka is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical bulk, intermediates and fine chemicals, as well as the nutritional supplements CoQ10 and Ubiquinol. Since the 1960s, Kaneka has also been a technological pioneer in the development of polymers and polymer additives for consumer, industrial, packaging, electrical and many other industries. Due to its early research into the field of solar energy, Kaneka's expertise is making it possible to offer solar energy worldwide through its advanced photovoltaic systems. Our 3,300 employees (8,400 including subsidiaries) are meeting our customer needs on all continents. Kaneka has overseas subsidiaries in the United States, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, Vietnam, India, Taiwan and South Korea. Learn More: Kaneka Japan: Kaneka Pharma Europe NV: Kaneka Nutrients: Kaneka Belgium NV: Kaneka Malaysia:

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