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Jubail Chemical Industries Co. NAMA Chemicals Affiliate

JANA - Jubail Chemical Industries Company Limited, situated in the Industrial City of Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia produces a wide range of Epoxy Resins - Liquid, Blended, Solution and Solid forms for a variety of applications. From a modest beginning in 1999, JANA have the capability of producing over 120 k tons of Epoxy resin. These are produced under the license of Huntsman Advanced Materials, USA (originally obtained from Ciba-Geigy, Switzerland ). JANA is the only producer of Epoxy resins in GCC and Africa. JANA enjoys leadership position in these markets and is a truly global suppplier. JANA markets their epoxy resins under two brand names - Araldite� and Razeen� . The Araldite� brand is 60 years old and very well known the world over. It is used under the license of Huntsman. JANA also has developed it's own brand name, Razeen� under which they sell epoxy resins, reactive diluents and curing agents. Razeen� was introduced and launched in the year 2004 and has been well accepted by even the most demanding customers and applications. Currently, under the Razeen� brand name, many of the products manufactured are direct equivalents to the Araldite� branded products licensed and sold by JANA. Resolute and untiring determination transformed what began as a vision one decade ago into one of the most modern epoxy producers in the world. JANA has been ever-changing, adapting and evolving. Today we are looking for innovative scientists, chemists and R&D professionals to join the team with experience in epoxy, polyester or amine technology we continue to grow the team

EPC Project Management 2021

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