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Italpresse Spa

Italpresse is a leading supplier of hydraulic platen presses to the global marketplace. The company has designed and built more than 20,000 specialty presses over the last 60 years for the following industries: WOODWORKING: - HYDRAULIC FLAT COLD OR HEATED PRESSES (flat lamination of MDF, particle board, solid wood,plywood with veneer, HPL, LPL, paper; lamination of honeycomb doors with MDF doorskins; lamination of residential doors; 5-7 plies plywood production) - HYDRAULIC EMBOSSING PRESSES (embossing of MDF doorskins or solid wood) - HYDRAULIC BENDING PRESSES (bending plywood or solid wood with Radio Frequency) - MEMBRANE PRESSING (lamination of MDF kitchen cabinet doors with vinyl foils or veneer; lamination of entry doors double faced MDF inserts with veneer) - HYDRAULIC DOOR AND CABINETS CLAMPS - HYDRAULIC EDGE GLUING PRESSES (pressing equipment for edge glued panels or laminated beams) COMPOSITES: - HYDRAULIC FLAT COLD OR HEATED PRESSES (flat lamination aluminum honeycomb panels; marble faced honeycomb panels; FRP, ballistic armor panels, lightweight panels; polyurethane panels with rigid pre-formed or foam injected core, radomes sandwich components) - COMPRESSION MOLDING PRESSES (compression molding for RTM; RIM; SMC; BMC; GMT) AUTOMOTIVE: - COMPRESSION MOLDING PRESSES (compression molding for automotive thermo-acoustic insulating panels: door; overhead system; dash board; flooring trunk trim) METAL FABRICATION: - HYDRAULIC FLAT COLD OR HEATED PRESSES (flat lamination of doors made with steel skins and polyurethane, urethane, honeycomb, rockwood, fiberglass cores) We invite you to take advantage of Italpresse�s vast experience when considering a supplier for your next press system. Whether you need a stand-alone press or a complete automated pressing line, you can depend on the talented people at Italpresse to incorporate the latest advances in press technology into your next press system and engineered it to your specific needs.

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