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Iowa Fertilizer Company

Iowa Fertilizer Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Netherlands-based OCI N.V., a global leader in nitrogen fertilizer production. OCI N.V. has an international fertilizer distribution platform spanning from the Americas to Asia. Nitrogen fertilizer accounts for about 60 percent of global fertilizer use, so the output of the Iowa Fertilizer plant will drastically reduce U.S. dependence on imported fertilizer. In addition, a domestic fertilizer source will save farmers across the country millions of dollars annually. OCI N.V. is a global producer of natural gas-based chemicals based in the Netherlands. The Chemicals segment produces nitrogen fertilizers, methanol and other natural gas based products, serving agricultural and industrial customers from the Americas to Asia. We rank among the world's largest nitrogen fertilizer producers with current production capacity of nearly 7 million metric tons in the Netherlands, the United States, Egypt and Algeria. We are also the largest merchant methanol producer in the United States. OCI N.V. is listed on the NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam.

EPC Project Management 2021

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