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International Petroleum Group

International Petroleum Group Ltd. has entered into Joint Venture Agreements with several major suppliers of oil and petroleum products. Through its network of international Oil contacts, IPG Ltd. has become a positive force for the sales of petroleum products and services around the world. In particular, IPG Ltd. has worked as a bridge between developing countries such as China, India, and Brazil and the developed countries in the world. TRANSACTION SERVICES The fundamental activity of IPG Ltd. is providing transaction services. We act as a manufactures representative for our Joint Venture supplier partners to enable buyers to purchase petroleum products. For example, IPG Ltd. has contacts at the highest level in the People�s Republic of China, which has an acute interest in expanding importation of crude oil, oil products and LNG. We are assisting certain state-owned enterprises in China with the purchase of energy-related goods. Through our Joint Venture Agreements we are direct with major refineries inside Russia as it is one of the world�s leading vertically integrated oil & gas companies. Main activities of the Company are exploration and production of oil & gas, production of petroleum products and petrochemicals, and marketing of these outputs. Most of the Company's exploration and production activity is located in Russia, and its main resource base is in Western Siberia. IPG�s JV-Partners own modern refineries, gas processing and petrochemical plants located in Russia, Eastern Europe and near-abroad countries. One of our JV PARTNER is the second largest private oil Company worldwide by proven hydrocarbon reserves. The main production region for our Group is Western Siberia. It is carrying out international exploration and production projects in Kazakhstan, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Venezuela, Cote d�Ivoire, Ghana and Iraq.

EPC Project Management 2021

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