international inspection services ltd

GLOBAL ASSETS INTEGRITY SERVICES 1. Plant Integrity services including RBI,FFS, Remnant Life Assessment 2. Provision of certified Inspectors as per API 570, 510, 653, CSWIP, AWS, PCN & ASNT Certified Inspectors 3. Provision of Advanced Inspection Techniques: � AUT- Automated Ultrasonic Testing � TOFD- Time of Flight Diffraction � UPAT- Ultrasonic Phased Array Testing � LRUT- Long Range Guided Wave UT � IRIS � Internal Rotary Inspection System � ECT - Eddy Current Testing � RFCET- Remote Field Eddy Current Testing � MFL- Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection � Digital & CR Radiography � SCAR � Small Controlled Area Radiography � PEC- Pulsed Eddy Current � INCOTEST- Insulated Component Testing � LIXI Profiler -Real-time Radiography for CUI � MFL & UT Tank Floor Inspection & Corrosion Mapping � In Service Tank Inspection 4. Provision of Pipeline Integrity Surveys � Intelligent Pigging � CIPS-Close Interval Potential Survey � DCVG- Direct Current Voltage Gradient 5. Provision of Abseiling (Rope access) Inspection 6. Provision of Lifting Equipment Inspection & Certification Services 7. Provision of CP & Corrosion Monitoring Services 9. Provision of Gamma Scanning on Columns & Towers 10.Conventional NDT and PWHT Services 11.Global NDT & Inspection Training in accordance to API, AWS, ASNT, PCN& CSWIP 12.Provision of Total Quality Management (TQM) � QA/QC Vendor & Expediting Services