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Institute for Sustainability

We are an independent charity established in 2009 to support cross sector collaboration and innovation in the delivery of sustainable places to live and work. Our mission is to significantly accelerate the delivery of economically, environmentally and socially sustainable cities and communities. We focus on delivering innovative demonstration projects and developing programmes to actively capture and share learning and best practice. The Institute plays a number of roles in supporting and enabling projects. These include acting as an independent facilitator brokering strategic and operational relationships with partners; leveraging funding; shaping and sharing knowledge and best practice and; shaping and guiding projects from inception through to delivery. Our activity is in the areas which we believe present the greatest challenge � and opportunity � to creating sustainable cities and communities. These are: 1.Resource efficient buildings 2.Sustainable infrastructure and resources 3.Transport and logistics 4.Total Community Retrofit A number of our projects are cross-cutting across all of these areas and have a specific focus on innovation and supply chains.

EPC Project Management 2021

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