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innogy SE

Reasons to join innogy innogy is transforming the energy market. As a company, we are doing everything we can to create a better, more sustainable energy supply. Every one of our employees contributes to creating this modern energy landscape. innogy lives a sustainable culture of innovation. It is the talents and experience of the individual members that make a great team. In this way, we create innovations that are driven by diversity. To achieve our vision, we consistently look at the bigger picture. Therefore, we collaborate with start-ups on the national and international level. For example, the innogy Innovation Hub drives the development of digital business models. And thus, our development towards becoming a modern, customer-focused solution provider. Our people � our energy and inspiration! Our guiding principle at innogy is that our people always come first. In addition, we provide a modern working environment and support our employees with individual opportunities for their personal and professional development. Apart from that, our people can profit from numerous benefits such as flexible working hours or support in terms of combining family and work. As we believe that people can learn a lot from each other, we have an open communication culture. High-performing employees can expect plenty in return from innogy. Join us and help to shape the future of energy! Do you dare to try out unusual solutions, think innovatively and want to actively help build something worthwhile? Then you should put your #PIONIERGEIST to good use at innogy.

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