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INFRA GTL Technology

INFRA Technology Group is an innovation-based company, developing and commercializing advanced energy and materials technologies that aim to profoundly alter energy, materials and resource systems worldwide. E N E R G Y Use of mineral oil for production of liquid fuels becomes ever more difficult and costly. Industry is searching for more abundant resources that would fit into existing energy infrastructure. New energy transformation technologies include fuel cells and gas-to-liquid (GTL). GTL challenge � to unlock the economic efficiency of the whole GTL process. Infra Technology group has developed and patented a proprietary Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) technology (INFRA.xtl), based on the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process, for the production of light synthetic oil and clean liquid synthetic transportation fuels from natural and associated gas, as well as from biomass and other fossil fuels (XTL). M A T E R I A L S We are on the forefront of research aimed at creating new carbon-based nano-structured materials. We develop high-strength/high-modulus composites and fibrous materials on the basis of centimeter-long carbon nano-tubes. The world demand for such "classic"? carbon fiber-based materials is growing 25% annually with the market size of $50 billion. Our solution will provide cheaper alternatives with improved properties. Our proprietary reactor design allows growing 15-30 cm-long aligned strands of high-quality carbon nano-tubes from gas feed-stock in macroscopic amounts. INFRA Technologies R&D team operates state-of-the-art research facilities - both owned by the company and its research partners, such as Technological Institute for Super-hard and Novel Carbon Materials. The company has its own highly functional design and production group.

EPC Project Management 2021

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