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INDAQUA ?Ind?tria e Gestao de ?ua, S.A

INDAQUA is a company part of Miya Group, whose core business is on the Environmental Sector especially doing the entire Water cycle management. By the nature of the activity, INDAQUA has broad responsibilities in the various components that comprise the development and management of water services. The design of global solutions and integrated economic and financial modeling, assembling financing, project management, construction or rehabilitation of infrastructure investment plans management, production and quality control of water management infrastructure distribution, operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities, billing and collections to our customers, the provision of cleaning collectors are part of our daily lives. INDAQUA serves, a population universe of 600,000 inhabitants. Today and by the number of population served, INDAQUA is the largest Portuguese private operator, regarding municipal water concessions universe.

EPC Project Management 2021

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