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Gravis Oil

Gravis Oil is an independent, publicly traded, oil and gas company that specializes in U.S.-based, unconventional heavy oil projects. The Company has working interests in over 73,000 acres of mineral leases in Missouri, Kansas, Kentucky, and Montana where independent reserve appraisals* have confirmed significant heavy oil and bitumen reserves. Gravis Oil is leading the industry in embracing modern technologies and employing new tools to boost cost-effective production. Minimizing lifting costs and increasing recoverable reserves per net acre is the key to bringing heavy oil to the market economically. Utilizing advances in chemistry, real time data measurement, drilling techniques and production optimization will lower the per barrel lifting cost versus traditional SAGD strategies. Gravis Oil has recruited and assembled a management and technical team which have over 125 years of collective oil and gas experience in both the operational and financial aspects of the industry. Our talented team and extensive asset portfolio differentiate Gravis Oil from the legacy or start up operators attempting heavy oil exploitation. Gravis Oil has demonstrated real viability with pilot projects in Missouri that have cumulatively produced over 50,000 barrels of heavy oil to date. Real measurable results and a learning curve that are years ahead of comparable operators give Gravis Oil a market edge in heavy oil production.

EPC Project Management 2021

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