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G�del US

G�del is a global leader in linear motion for factory automation, and G�del Inc. is the wholly owned subsidiary serving North America. G�del produces high-reliability, high-performance gantry robots, track motion units and components (racks, rails, gearboxes and drives) for its diverse market segments. G�del customers are integrators, line builders and OEM manufacturers who serve the automotive, aerospace, fabricated metals, power generation and heavy industrial segments. In addition, G�del provides automation solutions for specific market applications such as powertrain, tire and press automation. G�del Inc.�s 45,000 square foot U.S. manufacturing operations are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There it provides its US and Canadian customer�s full engineering, manufacturing and customer care support. G�del was founded in 1954, and is privately-held. G�del operates in 21 locations worldwide. For more information visit the G�del website at

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