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Research, innovation and sustainable development are at the bases of Fluorsid S.p.A�s success. Thanks to its investments in R&D, Fluorsid produces for the sake of the aluminium industry innovative fluorochemicals allowing to save energy during the fusion of materials. Moreover, the Company patented specific fluoride products that lower ovens temperature, considerably reducing the energy consumed in the proces and safegurding the environment. The Company, that is part of the Fluorsid Group, was founded in 1969 in Sardinia by Count Giulini, having a strong bond with the sardinian territory. It then grew over the years, counting today 130 employees and 250 workers coming from spin-off activities. At a later time, Fluorsid expanded its business buying shares in strategic companies such as: ICIB S.p.A, the most relevant hydrofluoric acid Italian vendor, SFM SA (where Fluordis has a majority stake) a Swiss company specialised in magnesium buffing powder and Laminazione Sottile S.p.A, leader in the alluminium laminated semifinished products market. The attention the Company puts in innovation processes and in the mining activity permitted to Fluorsid to export 95% of its products in 30 countries. Fluorsid works for different types of industries, from metallurgy to cement factories. These results led Fluorsid S.p.A to invest in R&D and to adopt competitive management models: in this way the Company kept up with international competitors building itself a strong reputation inside the fluorochemical market.

EPC Project Management 2021

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