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FERTISAC S.L. is a spanish company dedicated to manufacturing and marketing fertilizers since 1921 and offering all services related to this activity. It has its facilities in an strategic location for its work, due to the easy use of rail and the proximity to the port of Motril (Granada). The company accomplishes its activities at its own facilities located in the town of Atarfe (Andalusia). The factory has a land area of 47808 m2 (156850 sq. ft.) with a built-up area of 15470 m2 (50754 sq. ft.). The warehouses have a storage capacity of 26000 MT. In addition to our standard products (superphosphates, complex NPK fertilizers and organo-minerals) it is worth to highlight the great flexibility of our production plant for the adaptation and customization of the product�s formulation on demand. Currently the factory is in an expansion process built on its own experience and adding the incorporation of Spanish leading companies of the fertilizer sector. Contact Information: Email: Tel: +34 958436512 Fax: +34 958438519

EPC Project Management 2021

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