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Enercon Industries

Enercon Industries Corporation is a global manufacturer of corona, plasma, flame and ozone surface treating systems and induction cap sealers. The Enercon name is recognized around the world for quality products, technological innovation and first class support. Our induction cap sealing solutions provide tamper evidence, prevent leaks and preserve freshness with hermetic seals for packagers of food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty products, chemicals & petroleum packages. Our atmospheric plasma, flame & corona surface treaters clean, etch & functionalize surfaces to improve adhesion for a variety printing, coating, laminating, painting, adhesive & bonding applications for plastics, polymers, films, foils and metals. Why Enercon? Our products are produced by some of the most amazing people in the world. Your success is their success. And that�s why they are committed to delivering you innovative technology solutions with expert personal support wherever you are in the world.

EPC Project Management 2021

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