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We are leaders in the Spanish electric power industry and the second operator in the Portuguese electric market. With more than 10 thousand employees, we provide our services to 12.6 million clients and our core business is the production, transportation, distribution and commercialization of electric power. We also operate in the natural gas sector and we develop other energy-related services. We are a company that looks ahead to the future: we bet on a more sustainable energetic culture and we are committed with our responsibility of actively contributing to the construction of an intelligent energetic future through innovation. From the third trimester of 2009, we are part of the Enel group, the biggest electric power company in Italy and the second utility of Europe by installed capacity; which operates in more than 30 countries in four continents, sells gas and electricity to close to 61 million clients and relies on 96 GW of net installed capacity and more of 71.000 employees in a broad range of energy generation businesses: hydroelectric, thermoelectric, nuclear, geothermal, wind power, solar, gas and others. The Enel group is strongly committed with renewable energy sources and the investigation and development of new environment respectful technologies. Enel Green Power (EGP) is the Company listed in the stock market of the Group that is focused to the generation of renewable energy, which operates sources of more than 9 GW of net installed capacity based on hydric, wind power, geothermal and bio-matter generation and co-generation in Europe, America and Africa. Enel Green Power is the renewable energy company with intelligent technology more diversified amongst its competitors around the world. From 2013 onwards, more than 40% of the electricity generated by the group was produced without carbon dioxide emissions.

EPC Project Management 2021

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