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Drilling Solutions Limited

1. Leader Provider for oilfield spare parts Drilling Solutions Limited is the largest suppliers of oilfield consumable spare parts for China and USA made drilling rigs and equpment. In stock spare parts warehouse at UAE, USA, Colombia, Singapore, Russia which can help us let you get easy wear spare parts in the shortest time. Mud Pump Spare Parts Top Drive System Spare Parts Diesel Engine & Generator Spare Parts Drawworks Spare Parts Transmission Spare Parts BOP & Accumulator Spare Parts Handling Tools Spare Parts Solid Control Equipment Spare Parts High Pressure Circulation System Spare parts Electrical Control System Spare Parts Air System Spare Parts Hydraulic System Spare Parts Instrument Spare Parts 2. Leader Provider for oilfield repair and maintenance service Base on DSL international service network, our skilled service engineers can reach your local oilfield yard in 48 hours to do test, maintenance, and repair work. Let your rig and equipment running smoothly every day. 3. Largest after sale partner for worldwide rig manufacturers DSL is the strategic partner with worldwide rig manufacturers for rig spare parts and service. The rig manufacturers produce and sell, we charge for service that is after sale rig spare parts and repair and maintenance. USA: NOV & NABORS & IDECO & SKYTOP & TAYLOR & WILSON& COOPER & FRANKS & LOADCRAFT & CABOT China: BOMCO & HH & KERUI & SJ & RG & ZYZJ & ZYT If your local operated drilling (workover) rigs and equipment need spare parts, please let us know, DSL will let you get in stock original spare parts to you in the shortest time. If your local rig oilfield equipment break down, please let us know, DSL will let you get timely repair service in 48hours

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