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Direct Horizontal Drilling Inc.

About Us DIRECT Horizontal Drilling provides complete services and expert solutions wherever HDD and river crossings are required. Founded in 2000, DIRECT's expertise, superior equipment and effective technology have quickly made this company an industry leader with a reputation for success in some of the toughest drilling environments in the world. DIRECT was established with three goals in mind: To assemble the most talented and experienced minds in the horizontal directional drilling industry in one company To become the leading provider of HDD services in North America and To consistently lead in the development of innovative HDD technology and techniques. More than a decade later, the company has remained true to these goals and boasts an impressive record of achievement as evidence of their success. Total Project Management (TPM)� TPM is a comprehensive approach to projects that incorporates rigorous planning, effective design and practical implementation. TPM has allowed DIRECT to successfully complete some of North America�s largest and most challenging HDD projects. Extreme Weather Ready No other HDD company is better prepared - through a combination of experience and custom built support equipment - to face the rigors of extreme cold weather encountered in Canada�s north.

EPC Project Management 2021

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