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Deshazo LLC

We're not in the crane business. We're in the quality business. Our job is elevating your projects with cranes custom-built to your needs, robust automation systems tailored to your operation, and expert service to keep it all running smoothly. If you want to improve the quality or productivity of an existing manual manufacturing/assembly process or lower the operating cost, DESHAZO can provide you with an engineered solution to meet your requirements. Our engineers will visit your site, observe your manufacturing processes and prepare a 3-D conceptual design of the equipment or system to meet your requirements. We employ the latest technology in design and manufacturing processes including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Catia, and Robot Simulation software as well as CNC manufacturing equipment in our plant. Our skilled technicians perform on-site inspections, repairs, modernizations and rebuilds on any overhead crane or hoisting equipment. We can also rebuild your crane parts and components in our Rebuild Program at a fraction of the cost of new. We always deliver outstanding service, regardless of make or model In addition, DESHAZO has the ability to analyze the financial benefits of a prospective automation project in your facility. Working with your personnel, we can assist in calculations on the projected improvement in productivity, quality and operating cost, as well as the return on investment of an automation project.

EPC Project Management 2021

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