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Cubex Equipment

MUNICIPAL. CONSTRUCTION. OIL & GAS. MINING. 1-877-Go-Cubex (462-8239) Since 1971, CUBEX has operated in Canada as a full-service industrial equipment dealer offering for sale and rental: Hydro-Excavators, Sewer Flusher (Combo) Units, Street Sweepers, Sewer Inspection/Cleaning/Rehabilitation Equipment, Sidewalk Tractors, Mowing (Boom) Equipment, Asphalt Pavers, Pot Hole Patchers, Snow Removal Equipment, Spreading Equipment, Road Widening Equipment and More. Our product lines are always evolving based on our customers'? unique operating requirements, leading to a truly superior customer experience. "COAST TO COAST CUSTOMERS KNOW THEY CAN DEPEND ON CUBEX"?

EPC Project Management 2021

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