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COSL Drilling Europe AS

COSL Drilling Europe AS is a subsidiary to China Oilfield Services Limited, (COSL) Beijing, China. COSL Drilling Europe AS head office is located in Stavanger, Norway. COSL Drilling Europe AS owns and operates 5 drilling- and accommodation units in the North Sea area. The fleet consist of three drilling units and two accommodation units. The accommodation units COSLRigmar and COSLRival are both operating on Norwegian and UK sector. The three drilling units were delivered from the Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore yard from November 2010 to May 2012. COSLPioneer commenced her up to 5 year contract with Statoil in August 2011. COSLInnovator commenced her 8 year contract with Statoil for operations on the Troll Production Licence in November 2012 and COSLPromoter commenced in January 2013 also for Statoil on the Troll Production Licence. COSLPromoter is currently operating on a contract with fixed period of 8 years plus 8 x 1 year options. COSLPioneer and COSLInnovator are warm stacked and available. COSL Drilling Europe took delivery of their fourth semi-submersible unit, COSLProspector, December 2014 from the Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore yard. COSLProspector is capable of operating in harsh environments with a water depth range from 100 meter to 1,500 meter. It has so far operated in the South China Sea, but is currently warm stacked and available. COSL Drilling Europe is to be the preferred supplier of drilling- and accommodation services.

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