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CORTEC is a design, manufacturing, sales and service organization specializing in flow control applications. We offer a line of equipment for use in a wide range of operational services, and we excel in providing solutions to our customers� needs when higher pressures, corrosive substances, or abrasive fluids are present. CORTEC designs equipment to meet or exceed the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute Specification 6A. Additionally, CORTEC's quality program is registered to the ISO 9001 and API Q1 quality standards. The CORTEC brand is comprised of two globally established divisions; CORTEC Fluid Control (CFC) and CORTEC Manifold Systems (CMS): CORTEC Fluid Control (CFC) leads the production choke industry by offering a complete line of cage and sleeve, needle and seat, and positive production chokes. We also offer extreme service chokes for high pressure applications where a substantial amount of solids and abrasives are present. CFC also manufactures flow line and piping accessories and complete valve skid packages. CORTEC Manifold Systems (CMS) has steadily become a dominant presence in the compact valve world by offering an extensive line of compact ball, check, and diverter valves. These valves provide significant weight and space savings that make them ideal anywhere space and weight allowances are limited. In addition, CMS offers a line of Drilling Diverter Valves as well as complete turnkey compact manifold project management.

EPC Project Management 2021

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