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CK Enerji

CK Energy, serves 7,6 million consumers in three regions and seven cities with a 38 billion kWh electricity distribution and sale power. CK Energy incorporates CK Enerji Ortakligi Toptan Elektrik Sati�i A.� in wholesale electricity services as well as Akdeniz Elektrik Dagitim A.�., Bogazi�i Elektrik Dagitim A.�. and �amlibel Elektrik Dagitim A.�. in electricty distribution services; CK Akdeniz Elektrik Perakende Sati� A.�., CK Bogazi�i Elektrik Perakende Sati� A.�. and CK �amlibel Elektrik Perakende Sati� A.�. in retail electricity sales. CK Energy is proud to be the leader energy company in Turkey, the world�s fastest growing energy market and invests in work force, infrastructure and electronic equipment with the slogan �Energy of Life�.

EPC Project Management 2021

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