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CIECH Group is one of the leading Polish companies with established presence on the European chemical market. The company has been continually creating its fascinating history from 1945 and since 2005 it has been listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The CIECH Group is composed of production, trading and service companies, with main activities in Poland, Germany and Romania. The key products of our broad portfolio are: soda ash (the second place in Europe), baking soda, salt, polyester and epoxy resins, plant protection products and fertilizers. We are reliable supplier of the wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, detergents, glass, paints and building materials. CIECH Group is a dynamically-developing company, which emphasizes product innovation and modern business management solutions. Our continuous introduction of changes and endeavours to reach operational excellence facilitate the satisfaction of the demanding market, which offers not only considerable challenges, but also provides a chance for progressive development to our employees. We are looking for energetic people, eager for setting ambitious goals for themselves, interested in observing the outcomes of their actions and willing to actively influence the organization and the changes which occur within its structures. Do not hesitate and join our team today!

EPC Project Management 2021

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