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Chemfleet is a Ship Management Company specified in Chemical Tanker Management with its well trained team providing services to reputable owners both Turkish and International origins. Chemfleet is a young company, established just a few years ago. However in short span of time it became a reputable ship manager well accepted by leading key authorities such as banks, class societies and ship owners. For a few decades ago, there were local & international rules that were inconsiderable in ship management. The current conventions were a bunch of primitive rules and they were inefficient to apply sanctions. Making new rules and empowering to apply sanctions were regulated by Class Societies. In the elapsed 25 years not a few new legal arrangements and imposed regulations saddle masters as well as ship owners and managers with serious responsibilities. In today�s modern ship management conception team working is not a choice but a necessity. Thus, Chemfleet was founded in 2006 and immediately started to render service for ship owners that are in serious demands for Chemical Tanker Management.

EPC Project Management 2021

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