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Chandan Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

When it comes to endure services, Chandan Tech Solutions is your go to resource..! Chandan Tech Solutions is not just service industry, mopping up the public demand in Software Automation Sector Of Plant Design Engineering. Leading service endure for Oil & Gas, Power, Chemicals, Water, Metals and Mineral Sector. Segmenting to our ideal customers demographic and reaching out to our potential customers. A big part of that is honing to good outreach campaign that actually focuses on real value to reach new customer base by enduring them solutions and services in Plant design and modelling using Intergraph Smart Plant suite. Actually going to treat each content piece like product that we measure, iterate and constantly improve. Leverage good relationship to ensure receiving quality services at competitive pricing, flavoured it with rich legacy and sensuous experience from our National and International clients. Stunted in strong aversion with versatile team of professionals having universality of experience.

EPC Project Management 2021

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