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CGG Data Management

E&P data is the lifeblood of an oil and gas company - it forms the basis of investment and exploration decisions. Data Management and Governance, is amongst, the O&G�s companies biggest challenges. Successful Data Management releases the value of the data, under investment in Data Management, can result in lost and undervalued data. As part of CGG, Data Management Services offers a range of services and solutions, aimed at supporting the data management and governance processes associated with E&P data. Whether it is Document & Content Management, Data Quality Management or Meta Data Management, CGG DMS has solutions that combine expert people, with technology and processes that release the true value of the E&P data. Subject matter experts support our clients in the developing workflows, business processes and structures, to deliver consistent data governance standards. Training programs are available to educate even the most reluctant users to the value of good data management and governance. Technology solutions designed to meet the needs of E&P data, enable our clients to access their data assets wherever they are and whatever format or structure they are stored in. CGG DMS managed storage solutions covering physical, digital, tapes, core and oils, give confidence to clients that the assets are protected, secure and available at the point, and time, of need. Data quality services and processes that can takes poor quality data, and turns it into knowledge. Database experts who work with clients to create data models that truly reflect the data governance rules, and generates high quality meta data, which is at the heart of all data management. CGG DMS seeks to build a partnership with our clients, combining our expertise with the expertise of our clients, to consistently release the value in the E&P data asset. As a global company CGG DMS is well suited to work alongside the smallest and the largest O&G companies.

EPC Project Management 2021

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