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Our Company manufactures especially turn key Starch and Sweetener (Glucose, Fructose) plants, ethanol plants from cereals origin raw materials all over the world. We can supply from a single source: Technology & Engineering, Equipment Fabrication, Installation & Start-up, Training of customers personnal in our Demo plant. With these four properties we are worldwide unique. In addition to these we are manufacturing special equipment like distillation units, fermentation units, pressure vessels, reactors, fermantors, agitators, screen housings, germ cyclones, hydro cyclones, starch dryers, evaporators, carbon filters, carbon columns, ion exchangers, demineralization units, izomerization columns, izomerization units, chromatographic separators, crystallizers, storage vessels, agitator vessels, storage tanks, vacuum pans, deep bed filters, resin columns, multijet condenser, receivers, clarifiers, aerators and especially in manufacturing of stainless steel equipment we are one of the leading companies in Turkey. Our company has ASME "U"? Stamp, National Board, HP-0, GOST-R, ISO 9001 certificates, and according to European and Turkish laws we can manufacture CE Marked equipment. We are also working with third party companies like RW-T�V, T�V- Rheinland, T�V-Nord, T�V-S�dwest and on demand of our customers we can perform any kind of tests and inspection under supervision of these companies. All of our welders have been certified by T�V, and with our specialist Welding engineers and Mechanical engineers we are ready to meet your requirements.

EPC Project Management 2021

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