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Career Axes Engineering Services

Career Axes Engineering Services is a global Engineering and IT Services company specialized in engineering design and development services. Career Axes Engineering Services provides competitive engineering solutions that allows its global clients to re-engineer and re-invent their businesses. Career Axes Engineering Services and its people have in-depth and extensive Industry experience in Design and Engineering Services and provide Services to: * Power Generation, * Oil & Gas, * Cement * Steel & mineral * Chemical and * Petrochemical. We specialize in providing skilled engineers to work at our client place. Staffing properly vetted and capable candidates for our clients is our top priority. We do undertake following types of work: * Complete Project Engineering * Detail engineering including drawing preparation for any of the discipline. * Creation of detail fabrication drawing or drafting activity * Digitalization of existing documents We help our clients achieve their objectives by * Outsourcing complete detailed engineering tasks. * Using technologies and software that helps in reducing design time. * Scaling up our resources to meet with their urgent project commitments.

EPC Project Management 2021

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