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Camfil Power Systems

RELIABLE & INTELLIGENT AIR SOLUTIONS FOR MAXIMUM PREDICTABILITY & MINIMUM COMPLEXITY We provide smart air management systems, empowering you to predict, not react. Nobody understands air better than we do. And nobody has as much intelligence about your local conditions. A little obsessive? Maybe. But, when 98% of what goes into your turbine is air, we believe obsession is a good thing. Since you probably don�t share our obsession, we interpret it for you; simply providing the facts you need to empower your decisions to optimize output and efficiency. As the most predictable air solutions provider, Camfil keeps your turbine working better and longer, while removing the element of surprise. In other words, we help you stay in control. Camfil - Intelligent air solutions for maximum predictability and minimum complexity. CLEAN AIR SOLUTIONS FOR TURBOMACHINERY Camfil Power Systems specializes in air inlet and acoustical systems for turbomachinery, including gas turbines, generators, industrial air compressors and diesel engines. Our engineering experts continuously strive to protect this high-value equipment by designing the best filtration and acoustical solutions to meet the priorities and requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), engineering procurement construction companies (EPCs), operators and end users. They can be assured that their equipment will operate in the most profitable way, with maximum availability and reliability.

EPC Project Management 2021

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