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C&C Reservoirs

C&C Reservoirs is demonstrably the market leader in analogue intelligence for upstream subsurface applications. Our product, the Digital Analogue Knowledge System (DAKS�), delivers solutions to challenging issues across the E&P lifecycle through the combination of four elements: �In-depth analysis and systematic documentation of the world�s most important fields and reservoirs �Holistic classification scheme representing more than 25 years of detailed, scientific research �Consistent knowledge base of more than 450 geological, reservoir engineering and production performance attributes founded on this classification scheme �Secure cloud-based software platform that contains a robust search engine, the capability to capture knowledge on users� own E&P assets and powerful set of characterisation, benchmarking, production performance and portfolio ranking tools C&C Reservoirs� DAKS� provides the opportunity to expand your teams� experience using insights and intelligence derived from global analogues. The DAKS� analogue workflow is designed to identify the best-in-class performance and examine in detail what differentiates them. Capturing knowledge on your own fields and prospects, benchmarking against global best practices and applying this knowledge to decisions ensures that you continuously learn and expand your knowledge. To find out more, please visit:

EPC Project Management 2021

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