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ButanGas SpA

ButanGas is a Veroniki Holding Group company and the leading player on the Italian national LPG market. Since 1948, the company has, every day, been providing service throughout Italy, islands and rural communities included, delivering energy and resources in places others are unable to reach. Thanks to continuous investment in its distribution network and in cutting-edge facilities for storing and bottling LPG in tanks and cylinders, ButanGas can now count on 15 branches, 10 operating units and 9 large plants, including 2 coastal depots, across Italy. This allows us to supply companies via a fleet of 150 tankers and 110 trucks. They supply over 150,000 small-tank customers, 20,000 metered customers and over 9,000 cylinder dealers. ButanGas also provides reliable, safe Italy-wide supply solutions for Multifuel service stations (petrol, diesel, LPG, methane), whether privately owned or belonging to a network. In addition to its presence in Italy under the ButanGas trade name, the Veroniki Holding Group is on the LPG market in Greece (, Germany (, Austria (, Romania (, Poland ( and Serbia (

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