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Business Stream

We�re one of the largest water retailers in the UK, known for our passionate approach to customer service and exceptional knowledge of the water industry. Business Stream is trusted by around 200,000 business customers to provide water and waste water services with the highest levels of customer service. We offer a wide range of services from water efficiency, smart metering and new connections, to producing timely, accurate bills. Our aim is to help customers use water wisely, to save them money and help protect the environment. Since 2008, our customers have benefited from over L87.6 million in water efficiency savings by engaging with us to find water saving solutions that suit their business. We�ve also helped them to reduce their water consumption by 43 billion litres and their CO2 emissions by over 74,000 tonnes. In January 2019 we announced the acquisition of Yorkshire Water Business Services (YWBS) and Three-Sixty. The acquisition which will take effect this summer will see Business Stream manage water and waste water services for around 140,000 new customers in the Yorkshire area.

EPC Project Management 2021

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