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Burgan Company for Well Drilling, Trading & Maintenance KSCC

Burgan Company for Well Drilling, Trading & Maintenance K.S.C.C was founded in 1970. Burgan Drilling was listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange in 2005. Burgan Drilling is the largest oil drilling company in Kuwait and one of the leading oil drilling companies in Middle East. Burgan Drilling has operations principally in Kuwait and Bahrain. Burgan has a close and longstanding relationship spanning almost 40 years with Kuwait Oil Company and its parent, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. Burgan Drilling currently engages in the following primary business activities: - Onshore and offshore exploration services for new oil fields in Kuwait - Development services for new oil wells in Kuwait fields & the Partitioned Neutral Zone (�PNZ�, referring to the neutral border region between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (�Saudi Arabia�) and the State of Kuwait (�Kuwait�); the land is owned by Saudi Arabia, but an agreement exists with Kuwait to equally share all extractable proceeds from this Zone); - Oil well drilling and workover services of existing oil wells in Kuwait and the PNZ; - Oilfield services in Bahrain.

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