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Bucher Industries AG

What began 200 years ago as a small blacksmith�s shop has been built up over several generations into a state-of-the-art, global technology group specialized in mechanical and vehicle engineering. Bucher Industries is listed on the Swiss stock exchange (BUCN). In 2018, Bucher generated CHF 3.1 billion in sales with some 13 100 employees. The Group comprises five divisions. Their operations are geared towards fundamental human needs and have substantial world-wide growth and earnings potential. Kuhn Group is the world�s leading supplier of specialized agricultural machinery: Bucher Municipal is the European and Australian market leader in municipal vehicles for cleaning and clearing snow from public and private spaces: Bucher Hydraulics is a leading international manufacturer of custom-made hydraulic systems: Bucher Specials comprises machinery and equipment for winemaking:; for processing fruit juice, beer and instant products and for dewatering sewage sludge: The Swiss distributorship for tractors and agricultural machinery:; and control systems for automation technology:

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