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Welcome to Brightergy's LinkedIn home! Follow us for regular updates about energy, technology, our culture, and what we're working on. In our world where energy is not only an operating cost, but a liability as well, Brightergy drives a movement to reimagine energy. We pair our energy intelligence platform with projects and services that together empower you to take control of your energy and save both dollars and emissions. Having control over your energy means access to the details in real-time. It means having information you can act on, in addition to reports on what had already happened. It's why we offer our platform for free: lack of control and insight into energy costs is a problem every business has. We believe you can do something about that bill you pay at the end of the month. Our all-in-one software platform helps our clients uncover insights that lead to energy strategies built on data�and projects and services that ultimately save you both money and emissions. To learn more about Brightergy, visit

EPC Project Management 2021

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