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Bright Power, Inc.

Bright Power is a leading provider of energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy management solutions for the real estate industry. We use our Find-Fix-Follow approach to Find the best opportunities across a real estate portfolio, deploy the Fixes on specific assets, and Follow to ensure long term value, always optimizing for your financial and sustainability goals. Our clients include building owners, management companies, developers, contractors, architects, governments and utility companies. Our consulting services include energy benchmarking, energy audits, financial and technical feasibility analysis, grant/rebate assistance, green building (LEED�) consulting and trainings for professionals and building managers. Our design and installation services include solar electric and solar thermal systems; heating, cooling and HVAC systems; lighting systems; construction management and commissioning. EnergyScoreCards is our benchmarking, energy management and measurement & verification (M&V) service. MoBIUS is our real-time energy management service that drives ongoing operational efficiency.

EPC Project Management 2021

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