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Bord na M�na

Bord na M�na is a vibrant Irish business based in the Midlands but recognised globally. We are no longer 'just a peat'? company, already half our income come from other sources. We are changing the way we do business and moving towards a sustainable approach. Bord na M�na will continue to fully develop a portfolio of sustainable infrastructure in Ireland to support customers'? requirements for renewable energy, biomass, home heating products, waste and recovery, and growing media. We will do all this whilst driving profitability and shareholder return. We can achieve this because of our strategic land bank, reputation, development, expertise and strategic partnerships. Sustainability is the heartbeat of our business. It means building a future where Bord na M�na is a profitable company that is committed to protecting the environment. We have strong links in the communities we serve going back generations and our sustainability agenda is deeply invested in creating the brightest possible future for them. We are a commercial company that invests and promotes the protection and enhancement of biodiversity in the Midlands of Ireland, creating wildlife corridors and reserves. We are applying a rigorous scientific approach - we plan and we deliver - we have already mapped up to 80,000 hectares from a biodiversity perspective. We have identified the flora and fauna who we are responsible for protecting. We have identified areas that can be handed over for nature conservation and community recreation. Eighty years ago, Bord na M�na committed itself to delivering a new industry for Ireland using our indigenous resources. Today, we are developing new sustainable businesses that understand the need to work in increasing harmony with the natural environment. We are determined that these new businesses will continue to sustain returns for our employees and the wider community for generations to come.

EPC Project Management 2021

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