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BlueCity (010)

BlueCity: Surfing the new Economy BlueCity is a pool of possibilities. In this playground for circular entrepreneurs brains, guts, vision and fun go together. We serve our coffee with a dose of radical disruption while we head towards an economy in which waste does not exist. BlueCity serves as a breeding ground for innovative companies linking their waste-streams. Inside our ecosystem of social entrepreneurs and radical disruptors waste streams are valuable building blocks; the output of one is the input for the other. This way we create a much needed and inspiring example for the circular economy. BlueCity: Vision The linear economy has had its day. At the beginning of the chain we are running out of resources while at the end of the chain we are having serious problems with the piling up of waste. Our system of producing, consuming and discarding goods is no longer sustainable. If the 10 billion of us want to keep living together pleasantly we will have to look for new solutions to our problems. These new solutions lie in the closing of the loops. Start-ups and small initiatives show us how it's done, but circular entrepreneuring does not go by itself. In BlueCity we offer (starting) circular entrepreneurs the space, guidance, support, and a dynamic network they need to make sure that their achievable and scalable plans will get the chance to scale up into businesses that create impact. Together with entrepreneurs, researchers, neighbours, the government and education we create a circular economy, close the loops and build the city of the future

EPC Project Management 2021

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