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Founded in 1977, Bitumar Inc. is a privately owned company specializing in the production of liquid bitumen used in asphalt blends for road paving as well as for the roofing industry. Bitumar owns and operates two plants in Montreal, Qc. The company also owns plants in Baltimore, MD, through its affiliate Bitumar U.S.A. and in Hamilton, ON, through its affiliate Bitumar (Hamilton) Inc. Radiating from these 3 centers of production, the company offers many different modified asphalt grades for paving as well as for roofing, covering Eastern Canada and the North-East, Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic coast of the United States. Bitumar now employs more than 175 permanent employees including highly qualified professional & technical people needed for the operation of such an organization. Company Management is built around individuals with a long and varied experience both in the process industry and in the asphalt business.

EPC Project Management 2021

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